Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cries of joy...

Half awake and more than a little grouchy I sat rocking my baby. It was time for his early morning bottle. The 3:00 AM bottle to be exact! This is the hour I dread. He is gassy, sleepy, hungry and cranky. I don't know who hates this feeding worse him or me.

That's when it all came into focus. I adjusted my glasses as I consoled him. His tiny toes were peeking out from under his blanket. They weren't the same little toes I gazed at and counted in the hospital nursery. They were longer than I remembered. It seemed that the little numbs had grown overnight. Every digit was recognizable.

That moment made my entire world stop. It turned his endless screams into joyful noise. The noise of a baby... my baby. The noise I will only experience once in a life time. In that split second I realized that this time will pass quickly. I acknowledged that I need to treasure every minute of this experience before it's lost forever. There will be good days and bad ones but all his cries are joyful ones.


Anonymous said...

...oh how sweet, I love the how you captured the moment.

Mark said...

That was beautiful and so true. And it was perfect how you turned a 3a.m. feeding into a wonderful moment. m.
p.s. My mom is all ga-ga over your boy. She's watching him grow too.