Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keeping the beat...

Time has escaped between all the numbers in the last 24 months.  The days have become a blurr juggling work, home and breathlessly running after Brase.  I have no time for myself but would not take anything for this time with my son. 

I must report that my favorite moment, in recent weeks, took place during our post dinner dance a-thon.  Adele was streaming through the air as we jumped and swung our bodies around the room.  It was a tender moment when I scooped my little boy up and he laid his head upon my shoulder. Brase then motioned to the kitchen where his Papi' stood.  Brase insisted that Jose' join us as we slowly danced. Jose joined in and our wee one laid his small hands upon our faces.  We smiled and Brase giggled as our bodies swayed to the beat.  This is an amazing time... a time that will only come once.

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