Thursday, June 25, 2009

The last few weeks

Last week we experienced another loss with the disappearance of our second birthmother. We are not devastated by this latest event but feel exhausted from all the activities and emotions that have taken place over the last 6 weeks. During this short period we were matched with two birthmothers and experience the birth of a child. These weeks were full of doctor appointments, Sunday Masses, meals, shopping trips, study nights, late night telephone calls and stories of lives filled with turmoil and confusion.

Our last match did not work but we are grateful this birthmother decided early on that she would be unable to relinquish her child. The reality is we only knew birthmother #2 for 2 weeks. We are glad this relationship ended before we had time to bond with her and the baby.

Jose and I harbor no ill will and hope these young women find happiness and peace. Each of them made lasting impressions on us. We know the time we shared with them will be reflected on for years to come. We also know they too will remember us. As for the child we held and loved… we pray that God watches over her.

This part of our journey did not end the way we would have like. At times it has consisted of overwhelming emotion and emptiness. This portion of our trip has been extremely hard but it has made us stronger individuals and closer as a couple.

This is not over and with perseverance we will grow our family through adoption.


RB said...

I'm so sorry. You've been matched twice in a short period of time and that is amazing. My fingers are crossed that the third time is the charm.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Sorry to hear about that. I can't imagine what you might be going through, but it just means there's another somewhere who is the perfect match for the two you you. Good luck and I will keep checking in on your progress.

Andrew's Daddies said...

I know the ups and downs of this process. It just was not meant to be and your son or daugther has simply not found you yet...But he/she will. Trust me.

Hang in there