Thursday, August 20, 2009

Agency developments and other news...

This week we communicated with our adoption agency’s Director and Social Worker. The good news is... 4 birthmothers that are signed on with our agency may “potentially match” with our criteria. Adoption profiles will be shared with these women in the coming weeks/months. This is encouraging for us as we wait for our 3rd match.

On another note, this summer has been an adventure. The months of June, July and August have been quiet and spent in self imposed seclusion. It’s been a time of reflection and self analysis about our current life and future goals. This period has been difficult but looking back one of great enlightenment.

This process has changed us and brought us to a very different outlook regarding our adoption goals and future family. We have been forced to look closely at ourselves and the people surrounding us. Our daily routine may have not wavered but our way of thinking has greatly shifted. We consider this change wonderful but the process has been unsettling.

I want to thank everyone that has allowed us to grieve on our own terms. Your quite sideline support has been essential for us to heal. Your kind words and thoughtfulness have gotten us through this experience. Thank you for giving us space.

As for our future…we are not giving up!!! We will continue to wait patiently and sometimes impatiently.


RB said...

This wait is an excrutiating one at times. I think it's especially hard because you just don't know how long it will be. I pray that you have some luck with the birth moms you are being profiled to in the coming months.

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Stay strong guys! I hope Steve and I have your strength as we move closer to creating our family. I'll be tuning in.