Friday, January 1, 2010

A sense of humor...

God gives us a boy? The man upstairs really has a sense of humor!

Have you ever seen me catch a football? It's embarrassing for the audience and me. Let's just say... I am not the most athletic person. I have absolutely no idea how any contact sport is played!

Maybe my son will be artistic. You know... a painter, dancer, pianist. That would be great, but way too easy. He will probably be an energetic athlete towering over his Daddy and Papi'. That will probably be our fate and our challenge. Whatever plan we have God always has another. And... God's plan is always a little more exciting and interesting. We look forward to whatever lies ahead. This is our destiny!


RB said...

I totally get how God must have a great sense of humor. We went through 2 failed matches that were boys and we ended up with a girl! I am thrilled for you two. Truly thrilled! I can't wait to see a pic of the family of 3 :)

Caroline said...

I am so happy for you!! Is your son home with you yet? I can't wait to see pictures.