Wednesday, January 6, 2010

...for the better!

This was the happiest day of our lives. This was the day we took our baby home from the hospital. This part of our journey was over. We got about 20 blocks from our home and tears rolled down my face. My entire body relaxed as I realized our baby was finally coming home.

I hated every minute of the wait but waiting was important. The 14 months of disappointments made us stronger. It made the end result that much more meaningful. We set out to be parents but learned so many life lessons along the way. We don't look at the world as we did before this journey began. This experience has changed us... for the better!


RB said...

This is a beautiful photo! I can't tell you how thrilled I am for you both. It's been a rough journey, but I'm sure so worth it with little KB in your arms.

Caroline said...

What a great picture. Last summer/fall when things didn't work out I wanted to tell you that one day you will understand why all of that happened and I think you are seeing now why things didn't work out until now. You were meant to be that sweet baby's parents.