Friday, April 2, 2010

12 Weeks...

I officially returned to work on Monday. It has been an adjustment after spending 12 weeks with a newborn. The transition has not been as hard as I expected. Brase is sleeping through the night (7 hours). That has been a wonderful gift!

Jose, my partner, is now home with a our little bundle. He is taking his leave and will return to teaching when school resumes in the fall. Fast forward... that will bring us to September 2010 and Brase will be 8 months old.

We are still unsure what will transpire in September. Our plan is to use infant care outside the home. We have a confirmed space in a wonderful school. Actually, it's a fantastic facility and was our first choice in regards to child care. This is the plan but we have come to realize that plans do not always work out.

We have also come to realize that we are fortunate. We are individually receiving 12 weeks of paid leave. That is a wonderful benefit that most families are not afforded.

We currently are taking one day at a time. We're still a little unsure if one of us will stay home. In the coming months we will decide what is best for Brase. As for now... we're enjoying every precious minute we have with our little boy.

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