Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shining a positive light!

I was recently approached by the National Marketing Manager of Strasburg Children. FYI.. Strasburg Children manufactures and sales classic special occasion children's clothing in 85 locations throughout the United States. I was ask to contribute to the retailer's website as a guest blogger. Strasburg selected less than 20 bloggers from around the country to write about the joys of parenthood. It's an interesting project that will be accessed through World Press. In addition, the blog will be linked to Strasburg Children's corporate retail website.

I am very excited about this new endeavor as it has the potential to reach a very broad audience. It's a great way to educate readers about the joys of open adoption. In addition, this will afford me the opportunity to shine a positive light on same sex couples growing families through adoption.

Check out the link below to read my introductory blog! By the way... I will continue to post and keep Daddy Times Two updated regularly.

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Mark said...

That is so exciting and I am super happy for you. What a great honor and opportunity. It's true that people who know nothing of adoption and/or same-sex adoption will see a side of the Gay communicty that they never have before. Good Luck and I wish you the very best. I will check out the other Blog tonight or tomorrow and contribute what I can. Again, I am thrilled for you. And I'm sure having a gorgeous sporty baby helped too. Your Friend, m.