Friday, April 15, 2011


Wanda Jean

Jeanie and Bonita
Baby Shower 1955

My Mother and Jeanie were childhood friends.  I think they met in the 2nd grade and maintained a lifelong friendship.  They were married within months of each other and raised families side by side. 

Bob and Jeanie 

My Father and Bob, Jeanie's husband, were also childhood friends.  They each had big personalities and shared many adventures together. Jeanie is the sole survivor of the foursome.

Clint and Bonita
(my parents)

My parents did not live to know my son.  It thrills me that Jeanie can participate in Brase's life and look upon his many milestones. 

Jeanie and Brase
March 2011

Jeanie and Brase
March 2010

Jeanie and Brandon
April 1996

I have known Jeanie my entire life.  She has been a second Mother to me.  She greatly helped mold me into the person I am today.

having fun around 1973

One of my fondest childhood memories is swimming in Jeanie's cement goldfish pond.  Jeanie and I had many fun times together. 

Jeanie, Brandon and Robert
(I did not wear glasses in 1974)


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