Monday, May 23, 2011

7,300 Days...

Happy Anniversary
Here's to another 20 years!


Mark said...

Thank God you totaled those days at the end. I was thinking to myself "oh great, now I have to do math!"
Happy 20th Anniversary to the both of you. This is just wonderful! You are catching up to us. The only reason that I stay with Fred is to make sure that we are together longer than the two of you. ha!
I hope that you have a great day or evening or whatever is left. You have a beautiful little family and I love watching you little guy grow before my eyes.
Now I want you to go back and, in between those photos, write the story of how you two met. m.

Caroline said...

Wow...20 years. Congratulations to a great couple. Thank you for letting me into your lives.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, guys. I'm sure 20 more won't still be enough.