Sunday, June 5, 2011

His personal gallery...

Frames, pictures and school art projects make a wonderful little gallery for Brase's viewing pleasure.  We will change out the subject matter as he grows.

A photo of Brase's family sits bedside.

This shots is for Mark at Our Simple Lives .
What a MESS!


Mark said...

Do you even know how long I've been waiting for that shot? I saw that photo and thought, "Finally!!!" And then I read the caption underneath and started to laugh. Well, I guess you do know me. Too funny. Now add to that three more kids, two dogs, two cats, a mouse, hamster and a bearded dragon and you will have my life. m

Daddy Times Two said...

I think you are a real softy! The cats, mouse, hamster, big lizard and additional dog would have not cross my home's threshold! You must have patience of a saint to deal with everything that is piled on your plate. I envy your heart of gold. As I say... you are a better man than me!

Best regards,