Thursday, July 12, 2012

Really… you want my opinion?

I was recently asked to comment on a newly acquired piece of art. The question came straight out of left field. I almost swallowed my tongue as she looked me square in eye and said, “Don’t you just love it?” It was a giant red rose and bright yellow butterfly permanently painted on the back of her calf. I smiled and said, “Those are beautiful colors.” In my head I was screaming… “Oh my God, how will she ever wear a skirt?” I can also assure her of one thing, that tattoo will eventually hinder her career path.

The reality is… she did not need to know my opinion. The ink on her leg wasn’t going to magically disappear with my candor. I said to myself the age old quote, "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all." Considering the circumstances, my words were not going to help the situation.

If you know me well, you know body ink is not my thing. And cats... I hate cats! Don't judge me because everybody has a list of things they absolutely dislike. If you don't have a list or even a few dislikes, God Bless you and Mother Theresa.

Below is a lengthy list of topics. I have opinions on each. Just for kicks, I also made a list of things that bring me joy. The subtitles loathe and adore speak volumes about my feeling towards each subject.

Keep in mind, I write this for my son. I will not always be around to guide him but it's my hope that these values stick. At the very least, I hope they keep him on his given path. Either way, I am sure they will bring a smile to his face in years to come.

As gentle blog readers skim the following lists please remember the following 2 important things, I'm entitled to my opinions and this is MY BLOG! 
My Top 15…

Things I Loathe

  • Football (Regardless of the continent it’s play on)
  • Self-Righteous Americans (The American way is not the ONLY way)
  • Video Games (Complete waste of time)
  • Tattoos and Piercings (So many reasons)
  • The Armed Forces (Really…noble occupation?)
  • Guns and Knives (Real, fake and/or toy)
  • Smoking (Science is on my side)
  • Skate Boarding (Danger)
  • Cats (Allergic)
  • Motor Cycles (Danger)
  • Drinking alcohol in excess (1 drink is social and 2 can make for lots of trouble)
  • Self-absorbed inconsiderate people (In other words… Idiots)
  • Rodeos (Animal cruelty and again… Danger)
  • Trashy People (They come with and without money and in a variety of colors)
  • Snakes (Creepy)
Things I adore…
  • Triple lined drapes (They hang wonderfully)
  • People (And… the stories they tell)
  • Ironed bed linens (Sleep like a baby)
  • Manners (In public, in private and through the post)
  • Classic Clothing (Always in style and gets you in the best places)
  • A good sense of humor (Makes everything better)
  • Excellent Customer Service (No need for explanation)
  • History (Learning from the past)
  • Bolognese Sauce (Especially with handmade pasta)
  • New experiences (The best way to learn)
  • Cleanliness (Germaphobic)
  • Boxwood Hedges (Looks crisp spring, summer, winter or fall)
  • Follow your passion (It will lead you to your destiny)
  • The ones you love (Make your life worthwhile)
  • Pride (It comes from within and money can NEVER buy it)


Caroline said...

Great post!! I agree with you on almost all of your dislikes; although I have a small tattoo on my hip. I don't understand people either that get them in areas that can not be hidden. One time I was working with a client and she had a giant tattoo of a males private part on her arm. I just shook my head and knew that she would never be able to have a job where she wanted to be respected.

Ami said...

I don't like cats, either. LOATHE them.

I agree with several of your likes/dislikes.

I have no problem with body art, but when someone is sporting something huge, colorful and splashy I find it offensive that they are crabby when you look.
'What are YOU lookin' at?'


I love humanity... but I hate people. :)

I also love boxwood, but I like them to get a little overgrown and wild.