Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Deep in the Heart of Texas...

This time of year a sea of blue appears across the vast Texas landscape. This is all due to our state flower The Blue Bonnet. If you're a Texan, you have been photographed in a sunny field surrounded by these tiny wispy flowers. If you cross our great state in spring, you will never forget the fields of blue surrounding our expansive highways.

This past weekend Jose and I left our comfortable life as city dwellers for a weekend excursion. Actually, we attended a wedding in the picturesque Texas Hill County. The destination was a few short hours from our home in Houston but worlds away from our day to day existence. The photos are from our little get away.

This weekend we also got a small dose of parenthood. We entertained the flower girl who is a child of a dear friend. Let me begin by saying, kids are very heavy! We had a wonderful time with her despite my arm needing amputation from carrying her. She is a delightful child and it was a wonderful glimpse into what our future holds.

Oh... and most importantly, congratulations to Jessica and John.
You make a beautiful couple!


Karla said...

Brandon & Jose
Thank you both so much for helping with Bailee this last weekend. We had such a great time at the wedding and it was so nice to have you both there!

Nicci said...

Bailee loves her new best friends Brandon and Jose'.

Love you guys!!