Friday, December 31, 2010

1st Birthday Party!

The menu consisted of:  Chicken and Pork Tamales, Guacamole, Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas, Red and Green Sauces, Tamarind Pepitas, Hot Sweet Pepper Sauce w/ Cream Cheese, Vanilla Cup Cakes w/Whipped Cream and Champagne (for the big kids)


Granny Olive, Papi'

Gaga, Poppa

Uncle Rex, Aunt Karen, Richard

Ms. Pam, Ms. Mary Jo

Great Grandma Anne, Grandma Patty

Papi', Ms. Mary Jo, Ms. Elsa, Ms. Carina, Ms. Pam


Mark said...

I took a break from the Blog World and I totally missed our sweet Brase's 1st birthday. Okay, no more breaks for me I guess.
That was a quick 1st year don't you think? I think that I met your family back in February so Brase was already 2 months old. Happily, I got to see him grow.
Happy Birthday Brase!
Also, what is the picture/drawing in the first photo? Is it the official Dx2 Portrait?
Your Friend, m.

Daddy Times Two said...

The last year has gone by very quickly! I can not believe my baby is 1 year old.

The picture was is pastel drawn in 1998 by Nancy Davis. She worked as artist at Jackson Square in New Orleans for 25+ years. On a side note, Nancy was a birth mother with an incredible story. She actually reminded me a lot of my own birth mother. The picture is kinda creepy beacase we are drawn from a "child like" perspective. It's just another treasure from our travels. The sad part is we have not been able to located Nancy since the great flood. If I can find an angle I will do a blog post about Nancy and our youthful portrait.

Hope the New Year is kind to you and your family.
Best regards,