Sunday, December 12, 2010

O' Tannenbaum...

2010 marks a milestone as this is our 20th Christmas together.  Along the way we have picked up many memories and lots of Christmas ornaments.  In the beginning, all the ornaments were hand made from found objects.  Over the years the collection has grown and includes glass, wood, paper, silver and plastic.  We even have a real abandoned bird's nest, just like the one Elizabeth Walton placed on her tree.  If you don't understand about Elizabeth rent/watch The Waltons Homecoming.  Anyway, this is our memory tree. 

This tree is much different from our very first one.  That one was just a bare oak branch covered with lights.  We dragged it home like a side car from the window of our Honda Civic hatch back.  Jose held onto that huge limb for 40 blocks!  That is one of my fondest Christmas memories.

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Mark said...

Lovely memories.
You two have been together as long as Fred and I have been. I think that I am just learning this now.
Your Friend, m.