Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brase Crawling - Take #1


Mark said...

First the forced feeding and now this crawling. You have the best torture vids on the web! Poor Brase, he is such a cutie. I would have given in and just handed him the toy.
Also, was that the Biggest Loser on the t.v? I DVR-ed it and watched it the other night. I love that show. Although I'm no chubby chaser.
Your Friend, m.
p.s. Take it easy on that kid. You'll make my Mom sad.

Daddy Times Two said...

The program at our house is called Boot Camp for Babies. Just kidding!!!

Hey, did your Mom leave a comment about the feeding video? I thought it was Brase's GaGa but she does not know how to leave a comment. I bet that was your Mom. She was not happy with me!!

As far as the TV... I don't know what Jose was watching. We try to keep the idot box turn off but sometimess you just can't help yourself. I really think that television is the downfall of America. It's a drug!!!! You watch it and loose large spans of time you will never get back. What could we do with all those hours? Now that Law & Order is cancelled I will have lots and lots of time on my hands.

Best Regards,

Mark said...

I just went back and read that Comment and it doesn't sound like my Mom. There was a cruelness to that Comment that my Mom wouldn't do. Also, she would be open and sign her name. So, nope, that wasn't her.
Yes, t.v. is a drug. I've to ween myself off but it's harder than it sounds.
Your Friend, m.