Monday, May 3, 2010

Brase's First Meal!

Look carefully at the first few seconds of the video. Brase has an amazing gag reflex. Don't judge us!! It may be cruel but we find it a little funny.


Mark said...

Sorry, I have to judge you. And I rule that that is hilarious! True, I don't think Brase was much into it but what do babies know? I was waiting for him to knock over that crystal light behind him. That would have been payback for the torture. m.

Flock of Byrds said...

I like how he keeps looking at Jose as if to say, "Help me Papi!"

Love him!!

bendrix1932 said...

Too funny. He looks so confused. "Where is the bottle!"

Anonymous said...

Yes, that does look cruel and mean spirited. You shouldn't be force feeding a 4 month old baby.Shame on you, seriously.

Daddy Times Two said...

Just for the record, this was Brase's first meal. You will be glad to know that he is doing much better with solids. Again, the gaging was funny and we do feel a "little" bad for laughing.

Maralyn, AKA GAGA, Thank you for your concern. Grandmother comments are always welcomed!

Take care,